From the CCDB-established Working Group, the Dedicated Security Components (DSC-iTC for short) was formed. The DSC-iTC consists of members of Certification Bodies, labs, vendors and academia working together to create requirements for biometric security testing.

To join the DSC-iTC, please send a message to:

These are example links for resources. Probably important to have a library page that links to all iTC governing docs. For example, Public Review process, IT process, ToR, ESR, could all go on a library page, but things that are likely to be hit up often, maybe should be listed directly.

Current Status

Put something here that talks about what is going on right now. This isn’t as formal as say the draft status, but something that may say something like "working on the initial draft release of the cPP". The idea would just be to say something about what is going on within the iTC.